Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Eventful Week @ San Francisco Baking Instiute

I finally got a chance to attend the much awaited course @ San Francisco Baking Institute, SFO.
A course on Cake Bases, Creams and Compositions... It was a really comprehensive course... and had a lot of fun. Learnt so many new tricks from all the amazing bakers out the there.

This is the Opera Cake.. I think it was the best combination of chocolate and coffee I had ever had.. It was simply amazing and such a pleasing treat for the eyes too... all those yummy layers of coffee drowned biscuit Viennois.. and the butter cream and oh so evil ganache... i love this cake... my best so far..

Then here is the Sacher Torte... lots of almond paste in the cake.. and then the layer of yummy apricot jam... This was voted the Best cake by my husband... he is still enjoying it.. a slice a day..

Here is Le Frassiere... When I first saw the picture.. it looked so intriguing... but it was really easy to make it.... and it was a delight eating this one.. really light and yummy..

Then comes the Black Forest.. never had this version of black forest before... with all the cherry liquor.. it was a great hit amongst the guys... all my friends husbands...

And then the Chocolate Hazelnut cake. Had yummy layers of Hazelnut Daquoise.. and Chocolate cake... and buttercream..

And that is me... freezing in this amazing walk in refrigerator... with yummy Lemon Raspberry Cakes....Wish i could have some room like this in my house... would be great..

The lemon flavor in the cake was really refreshing.. my favorite cake flavor...tangy...yummy..

Never knew Carrot Cake actually were made of Carrots.. and this yummy recipe from SFBI had carrots, pineapple, waluts and coconut...And the yummy cream cheese frosting was such a breeze to make..

Angel Food cake... never eaten this one before.. but was yummy..

And this is the end of a magical week @ SFBI... hoping to bake many more of these...

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  1. Oh my!!! All of these look delicious and my mouth is watering...NUM!